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Remote Technical Support

What is remote technical support?
Remote technical support (or "online computer repair") is where we "login" to your computer and troubleshoot a comprehensive array of potential issues on your computer. It means we'll "see" your desktop from across the internet and we'll be controlling your mouse and keyboard. You'll still be able to move the mouse and type - but that might cause some confusion!lol

The way we are able to do this is we subscribe to a "remote control service" - in other words, software that allows you to share your desktop with our qualified computer technicians from across the internet, permitting us to safely and securely repair almost all computer, network and peripheral issues. If you've never seen it before, its really quite neat! Let's get started! Scroll down for our toll free number to connect with us!
How long is a typical remote technical support session?

Short answer: 30 minutes

Long(er) answer: "it depends!" (don't ya just *hate* those kind of answers??)

We get a lot of relatively easy jobs - and a smaller number of "hum dingers" where a computer is just overrun with viruses (or just one very wiley virus that just refuses to let go). But for the most part, the "typical" session is about 30 minutes.

After the remote session is finished, are you still able to
login to my computer?

No. Your security is important to us. Once we disconnect, if we want back on to your computer, you'll have to cooperate with us to permit us back in again. We will leave an icon on your desktop with our contact information in case you need additional assistance in the future, but beside that "no" we won't be able to connect to your computer again.

How easy is this system?

Although there's a lot of complicated "stuff" going on in the background, you never see it!

Our technicians know everything they need to know to make this process as quick and painless as possible.
So, as far as you are concerned, there's absolutely "no" work involved. Aside from requiring an occasional account password, its literally a "hands off" operation from your perspective.

What are your hours of operation?

We're open for business 9-5 Monday through Saturday.

What are your rates?

We charge $95/hr - and we bill in 15 min increments - with a half hour minimum. If you look around, you'll see that's pretty much the going rate for this kind of service.

Harder/more difficult problems obviously take more time - we can't get around that.

But the good news is.. by choosing you're getting your computer repaired in the *quickest* means possible, and.. our rates are competitive. We hire skilled and experienced technicians who get right to work and want to help you get back on track. And they stand by their work... Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What does "We Fix It or You Don't Pay" mean?

This is very important so read this section carefully.

"We Fix It or You Don't Pay" means that when we've completed all the actions necessary to repair your system, your system will be restored to its fully functional state - or you don't pay.

It also means that you may have some part to play in this as well. Sometimes the most direct and "least expensive" fix for a problem is literally re-installing the operating system. That's a very extreme case, to be sure - but our skilled technicians will be able to discern whether it will literally be less trouble/time/expense to save your data, put the original CD in, wipe your hard-drive, reinstall the operating system, drivers, applications, data and email settings (etc) - but they *can* make that call based on their knowledge, expertise and skill in this field

If we troubleshoot an error down to a bad piece of hardware - and we recommend replacing that hardware - then we expect to be compensated for the knowledge, expertise and skill required to make that call. We can repair anything we don't have to physically put our hands on. So the repair may have to be completed by a mobile IT support company or a "brick and mortar" IT repair shop to complete the job.

Note - it is often apparent early on that we may be dealing with just such a case. In this situation, we would rather be straight up with you and tell you up front that your best bet is probably to take your computer in to a qualified technician in your area who can perform a hardware replacement or an operating system reinstall. We really don't WANT to put an hour into a project and not be able to solve the problem to your satisfaction. But some issues require an actual "hands on" solution - which we (by definition) are not able to provide just due to the nature of this form of technical support.

I am SO fed up talking with people who can't speak English!

Well... GOOD NEWS! All of our techs are *Americans* - and English is our first (and.. most likely "only" - haha!) language. We know the frustration of 1) having a computer problem (that's "plenty" of stress already) and then on top of that, having to deal with 2) someone who doesn't speak English very well and 3) is *obviously* reading from a rigid/inflexible script.

Since we know that frustration, we're going to work with you to solve your problem - we're going to listen to you explain the problem you're having, and we're going to listen to what you've already done (so we don't have to "re-invent the wheel").

And, as a "bonus" if you so desire, we're going maintain a running dialogue explaining what we're doing and why - sometimes including snippets about how a computer works and maybe even the history behind it. We pride ourselves in our communications abilities and we tend to use a lot of analogies so we can take some of these esoteric "computer science-y" topics and put them into a more "pedestrian" format so you, our clients, can understand better what's going on and why things are happening the way they are.

We found that a little bit of understanding and explanation goes a long way towards making you feel more in control and relaxed.

Another way of saying it is... we speak English, not "geeklish"!
: )


Over the course of our time in business, we've collected reviews from our customers. Please feel free to peruse the feedback. We hope you will be similarly impressed and will be moved to say a few good words on our behalf!

Who is anyway? is an expansion of Tech Pros San Diego - we've been doing on-site tech support in San Diego and are growing our business into the remote tech support arena - and that's what you're seeing. If you go to our website, you'll see different aspects of our business including on-site tech support, data recovery, network consulting and super-computers.

Let's do it! How do we get this party started?!

Its simple! Pick up the phone and dial toll free 1 (866) 423-5499

A qualified specialist will be with you momentarily!
: )

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